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Monday, February 19, 2007

Dump Zumbo!

There has been a major kerfluffle this weekend about comments made by Jim Zumbo at his Outdoor Life blog. Zumbo, if you don't know is a gun and hunting writer of 42 years experience. This weekend he really showed his true colors and exposed himself as a gun lover, if its the right kind of gun... If you haven't seen or heard about his lack of understanding of rifle ownership means in America, you can go read his first post concerning AR-type rifles and how he calls them "terrorist guns." You can also see Outdoor Life's official statement and his mea culpa, puny apology.[NOTE: Tonight, Outdoor Life has pulled Zumbo's blog, so the links are no good partially fixed. Thank heavens for Google cache! I'mstill trying to find the cach of his apology.]

If you feel like Zumbo's first statement reflects his real, divisive opinion regarding guns that are ok for sportsmen and those that aren't ok for citizens and hunters of any type to own or shoot, you can sign an online petition calling for the sponsors of Outdoor Life to retract their support, here at Dump Zumbo. Remington, to their credit, has already severed their ties to this obnoxious, elitist, jackasss.

I don't care what type of "scary, black rifles should be banned" context anyone tries to put on this situation, Zumbo and his head-in-the-sand, uninformed attitude is very bad for the firearms owners and shooters of any type in this country. This idea, laid out in public, by a member of the shooting press does no good to lawful gunowners and you can be sure that the Brady Bunch, anti-gun community will try to take advantage of his foolish words.

You know I've signed the petition. I hope there is a writing position open at Outdoor Life magazine in the immediate future and that their management will see clear to hire a more informed and unbiased writer to fill the position. I don't have a scary-black rifle in my locker since I sold my CETME 308 a couple years ago. I have been thinking that maybe its time to add an AR-type rifle to my locker and Zumbo's remarks may be just the impetus I need to buy or build one of my own. BAG day is April 15th again this year so maybe I need to put one on lay-a-way someplace!

Zumbo earns a dumbass award this week!

Read what Tamara has to say on the same topic. She has several additional links worth following on the subject of this 2 faced bastard.

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